Why Is Pete Davidson Hacking Calvin Klein?

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Everyone’s favorite celebrity bae is taking over Calvin Klein’s Instagram. Or hacking it? We can’t tell. From the brand’s Instagram, whose profile is now a zoomed-in photo of the Saturday Night Live comedian’s face, Pete Davidson posted a flash mirror selfie in a white logo tee captioned, “I got Instagram.” Calvin Klein’s Instagram bio now eerily reads “Pete here.”

Davison’s BFF Machine Gun Kelly aptly chimed in under the post, “are you gonna post us in our undies?”

Well, on Monday evening, the duo did just that. On the brand’s Instagram live, Davidson and MGK stripped down to their Calvin Klein briefs for a hilarious impromptu campaign. Pretending to be the models in a traditionally sexy lingerie photoshoot, they began by taking turns posing on a white couch, with Davidson lounging with his pants around his knees.

Then, the pair “modeled” together for some more comedic shots, including a classic Charlie’s Angels-esque back-to-back position. The standout moment of the live stream was undoubtedly when Davidson sat on his knees as MGK poured popcorn into his mouth. Was it sexy? Up for debate. Amusing? Definitely.

Following the live, the duo posted a photo of themselves on the Calvin Klein instagram getting up close and personal with the camera, commemorating their comedic campaign. “Did we nail it or did we nail it,” the caption read. Yeah, we think it’s safe to say that they did.

Davidson deleted his personal Instagram account for mental health reasons in 2019 and has made few appearances online since. He’s a surprising break out sex symbol and streetwear magnet, so breaking his social sobriety for Calvin Klein seems only appropriate. Especially with the boosted clout for his rumored new romance with Kim Kardashian, who often outfits him in Skims loungewear.

It’s a mystery as to what Davidson is up to to at Calvin Klein. It could be a sensual campaign in black and white, a special collaboration collection of underwear, or maybe he’s taken up a new gig as the brand’s social media manager. We’ll have to stay alert for new posts signed “Pete” to find out.

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