Introducing Altu, the New Label from Joseph Altuzarra

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This past September 13, Troye Sivan graced the Met Gala’s red carpet in a sleek black scoop neck maxi dress that hugged his figure from a completely unknown label called Altu. Now, with the launch of its first collection, this mysterious brand has revealed itself as the brainchild of New York-based designer Joseph Altuzarra. Dubbing his new collection “genderful,” Altuzarra has crafted garments that celebrate both gender fluidity and freedom of expression.

Launched on, the inaugural collection is a line of elevated and incredibly cool basics. Oversized knits, sleek leather pants, and logo-printed sweats stand out and reflect a mashup of essential closet pieces and contemporary trends. Featuring a myriad of neutral tones, the collection is a simple, yet undoubtedly effective first step for the brand.

More than this, Altu’s active commitment to honoring gender fluid dressing makes it an invigorating addition to the industry. Although this concept as far from new, as celebs, style icons, and fashion lovers have been wearing whatever they want, regardless of gender for some time now, it is novel to see a new brand founded on the principles of ignoring traditional gender roles.

All in all, this new undertaking marks a significant effort to appeal to a new generation, who are seeking out clothing and brands not restricted by gender-based conventions. With this specific group in mind, Altu stands to be more than just a fashion line, but rather a refreshing exploration of and challenge to of cultural norms and how they are reflected in the ways we dress.

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