Check Out GCDS’ Nostalgic New Collab with Bratz

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Taking Y2K trends to the next level, GCDS collaborates with Bratz to bring back the unique and nostalgic feel of the dolls that started it all. With the rise of Y2K fashion and trends becoming more and more popular, Bratz was the culprit of Y2K fashion, expressing yourself, and individuality.

For Gen Z and millennials, Bratz was the beginning of being able to have a doll that looked like them and was the very first to allow children to be themselves with their own style and be different. The doll itself abhors beauty standards by making statements in their clothing, and the nature of the dolls, with hyper, accentuated features and a sassy attitude.

GCDS recognizes its ability to inspire young people and use clothing as power with Bratz ability to be unapologetically stylish, make noise, and defy beauty standards, face to face. Creative director Giuliano Calza was inspired by the individuality and uniqueness that Bratz championed: Growing up I was scared of who I really was, I had to learn through experiences. What made me feel like I wasn’t enough in some scenarios, now makes me feel like I belong and this is the message I want to give to the future generation. Focus on ur path, u do u”

Using the dolls as models, the ready-to-wear collection utilizes an original Bratz print on sheer fabric for a sheer mesh top, and a ruched strappy dress, reminiscent of the current iterations of the Y2K trend, with accessories and loungewear. GCDS and MGA Entertainment, the toy company that represents Bratz, dressed two collector’s Bratz dolls in all GCDS.

Pop-ups will be held in Milan, Rome, and London during December to celebrate the launch.

The dolls and collection are available on December 1st on GCDS’ website.

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