All of Lady Gaga’s ‚House of Gucci‘ Looks To Shop Today


„Father, son, and House of Gucci.“ Lady Gaga’s performance as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated film release has swept up an international audience far wider than just fashion history buffs. A concoction of ’70s glamour and ’80s drama accessorizes the shocking reveal of an all-too-accurate demise within Italy’s infamous Gucci family portrayed by Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, and more. But nearly as notable as their acting was the work of Janty Yates, House of Gucci’s esteemed costume designer.

Closely collaborating with Gaga to ensure a precise style depiction of Patrizia, Yates pulled from Gucci’s well-guarded archive collection and various vintage looks actually sported by the murderess. Classic logo-mania G’s meet culturally accurate Italian designs from the ’60s and of course—a sea of fur.

In the spirit of holiday gifting, and more importantly… dressing like Lady Gaga, CR has compiled the ultimate guide for visually materializing your very own House of Gucci lifestyle (omitting the murder element, ideally).

Gucci Linen Canvas Caftan

A modern resurrection of a piece pulled by Yates from Gucci’s archive, the linen canvas caftan adorned with classic interlocking Gs is a spot-on look to be purchased now. Especially rare of a match due to Gaga’s costume lineup only featuring two archival Gucci looks in the entire film—the dress is uncanny.

Gucci Jackie 1961

Worn to accompany the iconic caftan, Gucci’s Jackie 1961 had quite the cameo during multiple scenes… perhaps implying that the recently renamed „Jackie“ was Reggiani’s it-bag. Fans of the look are in luck, as the arm candy’s exact print and style is currently gracing Gucci’s shelves.

Gucci Bamboo Top Handle

No Gucci-related film could neglect a legacy favorite: the bamboo top handle. Though Gaga’s version is not sold today, a modern rendition with smooth brown leather and tricolor strap detailing can effortlessly capture its appearance. Especially if paired with an opulent jaguar brooch.

Hermès Scarf & Burberry Trench Coat

Yates shared with Harper’s Bazaar that Reggiani did not wear much Gucci in her day-to-day, despite having married into the empire. This particular look’s scene occurred pre-wedding (while Patrizia pursued Maurizio), with Gaga sporting vintage pieces from non-Italian designers. Specifically a plaid Burberry trench and red Hermès scarf, two mainstays commonly available in the 21st century as well.

Gucci Oversize Rectangular Sunglasses

During the film’s second half, Lady Gaga is rarely spotted without a gigantic pair of shades in tow. Though Reggiani’s own version perhaps did not accent a bedazzled „Gucci“ on its stems, the frame and lens toning on Gucci’s rectangular sunglasses is a dead ringer. Oversized and ready for spying on an ex-lover.

Gucci Double-G Belt & Balenciaga Dress

Janty Yates also shared with Harper’s Bazaar that bringing Reggiani’s style to life required long dressing sessions with Gaga (in full-character) to select outfits. No detail left untouched, from wig length to glove color. A key Patrizia look in the film was her polka dot waist-cinching dress, tied together with a logo belt. Balenciaga’s reversed-coloring cotton midi dress spotlights a similar broad shoulder, paired with Gucci’s closest version of the thin interlocking G belt to emulate a kindred silhouette.

Fendi Ski Suit

Paparazzi photos of Gaga’s monochrome ski look broke the internet this past summer. And as chalet season rapidly approaches, channeling her rouge ski bunny getup will be a must for all St. Moritz and Aspen regulars. Conveniently, Fendi’s red nylon suit incorporates parallel black accents and a belted waist.

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Midi Dress

Wearing extravagant white lace is required while charming your husband’s estranged family into relinquishing Gucci ownership to you. Fortunately, Dolce & Gabbana’s midi dress is a perfect match when garnished with matching shawls and mega-belts.


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