Here’s How Gela Nash-Taylor and Son Travis Nash Are Merging Couture and Cannabis


In 2001 at the brink of a new millenia, friends Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy created one of the most culturally-defining fashion phenomenons of all time—the Juicy Couture tracksuit. Donned by pop culture powerhouses of the moment such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and many more, the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit became a defining symbol of early aughts and has continued to hold its place in fashion to this day. However, before Gela and Pamela revolutionized trends with their design, the tracksuit wasn’t exactly the most fashionable thing to wear pre-Y2K era.

The duo took arguably one of the least fashionable items, an all-in-one sweatsuit easy to throw on, and instilled style within it when no one else saw it by bringing the two-piece loungewear look into the next generation. Over 20 years after first pressing Juicy’s footprint on fashion, Nash-Taylor is continuing to put her spin on the trends of the current milieu in partnership with her son Travis Nash in creating Potent Goods, the weed brand that’s coupling cannabis and fabulous style. „We were jokingly calling it canna-leisure,“ said Gela. „We are creating this luxury lifestyle, a world of smoking where the apparel enhances your experience.“

After living in New York for 11 years and experiencing the city’s black market cannabis, Travis moved back to Los Angeles three years ago and began looking into the cannabis market that had recently been legalized recreationally at the time in the state of California. „I was doing a lot of research on looking into opening a cannabis dispensary, and all of the various local ordinances,“ said Travis. With a trust in blind fate and hitting a sweet spot in timing, Potent Goods was born, and the cannabis boom of the current generation was only just beginning to form. „We didn’t really plan it out and to be perfectly honest about the whole thing,“ said Gela.

The two claim Potent Goods was pretty much unplanned, but Travis had a clear vision in mind for Potent Goods from the start. „I was thinking of a beautiful old school London cigar shop and for cannabis,“ he said. With little prior experience in the industry, the mother-son team began crafting their vision of the next chapter of business in their family dynasty. „Travis is an incredible artist, but his sense of business acumen is really quite extraordinary,“ said Gela. „I know that the work world shifted with millennials, but the skill set in terms of maneuvering around the online world is really extraordinary. I learned that being an old school OG entrepreneur before there was any online shopping.“

Potent Goods’ products were handpicked with high attention to detail and thought. Naturally, the duo centered Potent Goods‘ product lineup around the vibes of sunny Southern California consisting of flower, vapes, and of course, chic-yet-comfortable loungewear staples coined by SoCal-ians. “We’re creating this luxury lifestyle, a world of smoking where the apparel enhances your experience.” Gela’s years of designing manifested into sophisticated designs that match the feel of each strain and enhance one’s smoking experience. “So if you’re smoking this beautiful indica Offline pen, you’ve got this gorgeous dark moody floral that’s just going to enhance the mood and also matches the apparel,” said Gela.

Potent Goods‘ sleek-yet-laidback look lies in the DNA of the Californian style Gela first pioneered at Juicy Couture. „It’s the same philosophy, designing clothes for the California lifestyle which is casual luxury and casual chic. When we started, nobody in the world was dressing like that, people were dressing up to go to work,“ said Gela. By coupling the cannabis industry and luxury fashion with a Californian flair, Gela and Travis are adding another layer to the growing market. „I think it’s a fun way of normalizing cannabis, and making people understand that shopping for cannabis is not that much different than shopping for beauty or getting that bag that you want,“ she said.

One of the most crucial aspects of creating Potent Goods was the shopping experience. With modern shopping experiences at retailers such as Glossier, KITH, and Dover Street Market, Nash-Taylor wanted to resemble the experience of a dispensary and an immersive retail shopping experience. “The excitement that budtenders have when you walk in, and when you ask for something specific, they’re ready to show you this and that. It’s a great shopping experience,” Gela said. She notes that there was a particular attention to the packaging design in creating a 360 luxury experience from opening the package to your first inhale. „Juicy was a packaging empire, we were obsessed with packaging,“ she said. „I shop in the way that if I see something and I find the packaging extraordinary, it sucks me in.“

Though Travis and Gela dove head-first into their big plan, it hasn’t been an easy journey, and the two have put their heads together in an effort to conquer problems along the way. „The cannabis industry, especially if you’re in California, has a long legacy; breaking into it isn’t the easiest thing,“ said Travis. „When anything is new, there’s a bit of fear around it that it’s going to somehow taint the old school pot growers. Fashion is no different,“ added Gela. In the same way the Juicy Couture normalized leisurewear as fashion, Potent Goods aims to bridge a gap in the cannabis industry introducing luxury cannabis in a whole new way. „I smoked more than my mom does, so I’m looking for different things. Finding that middle ground is sort of where Potent Goods was born,“ said Travis. „I don’t think that’s necessarily considered with the old old school cannabis growers.“

At the end of the day, a well-rounded luxurious cannabis experience is what Potent Goods strives for. „Ultimately, to have a successful brand, no matter what you are doing, product is king,“ said Gela. „The pre-rolls are gorgeous and smoke beautifully, the pens are ulta-pure, but it doesn’t matter what the packaging is or anything like that, you’ve got to have a product that’s really great.“ In terms of the product, Gela and Travis aren’t cutting corners when it comes to delivering a top shelf cannabis product. One of Potent Goods‘ two manufactures developed a signature technique for developing the brand’s „liquid diamonds“ oil with high terpene extract to ensure a pure oil that takes Potent Goods‘ luxury experience to the next level. The manufacture developed the technique from the heart of the fragrance world in Grasse, France where he learned how to infuse various notes into his distillates and extracts as one would with a fragrance. Not to mention, the punch that their pre-rolls pack, including a hybrid strain that hits up to 90% THC.

For Gela and Travis, Potent Goods is just the start of their journey cultivating a brand in an industry about to skyrocket. „We see it going everywhere. I think it has to get to a point where it’s accepted on a federal level and that might be a while, but once it does, I think the sky’s the limit,“ said Gela. „We’re offering a different perspective on cannabis use from the from the from the old school,“ added Travis. „That sort of experiential quality that’s new to the cannabis industry is something that I think was important for both of us to capture with both goods and the clothing.“ Since creating Potent Goods just two years ago, developing their ultra-luxurious experience of bridging couture and cannabis for the next generation has carved out a place of Gela and Travis in an ever-growing industry (no pun intended), and they’re only just getting started.

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