Every Look From Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2022

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Celebrate love, life, and color with Dries Van Noten’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Inspired by the Indian festival Holi, known as the festival of love, color and Spring, a shedding of the old to embrace new energy and joy beams at the center this collection. India reoccurs as inspiration for the Antwerp-based designer over the years, with a love for exoticism.

The collection involves many colors, silhouettes, and fabrics, not shying away from over saturation. Wool gabardine, cotton taffeta, photo-printed silks, silk mousseline and pongee nod back to previous Dries Van Noten collections, including the first. An array of fabrics feature, the aforementioned being just a few, from heavy, thick, masculine types used to create sculptural and structured shapes to light, airy, feminine types draped elegantly.

Long silky dresses in fabrics of baby blue doused in pinks, deep blues, and yellows find structure in their shoulders causing a draping effect along the chest. A floor-length woven coat appears in bright teal, styled with a canary yellow structured and scrunched tube top and dark blue wide leg pants. There are fringe dresses in kelly green, magenta, burnt red, and faded yellow. There are over-exaggerated balloon-like structures creating avant-garde inspired silhouettes. There are smocked dresses in lime greens, entirely different from the bedazzled denim. The collection runs in every direction highlighting fun, vivid and passionate.

The images shot by Rafael Pavarotti create a visual for the overall emotion driving the collection. Blurred images evoke similar senses of being at a festival. A film for the collection inspired by free exploration was also created in collaboration with director Albert Moya.

View every look from Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2022 below.

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