An Inside Look at the Artists Behind Maison Margiela’s 2021 Couture Show

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Craving more content from Margiela’s couture show? Look no further, CR is here to bring behind the scenes footage from the show’s looks created by skilled artisans Anna Sokolova, Celia Pym, and Hélène Vitali. The three leaders in their craft break down the true craftsmanship behind what it takes to create couture in a behind-the-scenes look at the making behind Creative Director John Galliano’s latest Fall/Winter 2022 Haute Couture collection.

Anna Sokolova

In this short clip, Soklova tells the story of how the hand-embroidered white wool jumper came to be. Each panel that makes up the jumper is meant to be read like a story with intricate details that forces a viewer to get a bit closer to fully observe the garment. When it comes to this collection, Galliano is focused on the devil in the details.

    Celia Pym

      Galliano and Pym teamed up to work on the collection’s attention to stitchwork and embroidery. Vintage newspapers were repurposed and sewn onto a select few from the collection’s knitwear. Akin to when grandmother sews a hole in your jacket, Pym’s work perfectly captured the sense of emotion we tie into our clothing.

      Hélène Vitali

        Here, viewers get a glimpse into how Vitali’s handmade stained mirror fragment dress with leather lacing paired with Recicla denim trousers and a white cotton vest came to exist. A local artisan, the vision of a mirror fragmented dress came from the idea of looking through a mirror and that „memories can be seen in a fragmented way“. Blending the craft of jewelry making and garment making, this museum-grade piece pushes the boundaries of couture and the impossible.

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