Upgrade Your Feed With These Celebrity Style File IG Accounts


With social media’s impact on fashion rapidly growing, closet accounts on Instagram have taken over, showcasing the latest styles worn by celebrities or in television shows. For those who don’t know what a closet account is, it is essentially an account that posts outfit details from celebrities, influencers, or clothing items worn in certain television shows.

Fashion-based shows like Gossip Girl have a ton of accounts where users post the details of their favorites looks worn by Blair, Serena, and Jenny. Shows like Euphoria and Outerbanks also have these style file accounts, with details on what each character wore in the episodes. Celebrities like Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Rihanna even have accounts detailing what they wore to the latest red carpet premieres, street style looks, and other events.

These style file accounts essentially research the items that celebrities are wearing and post all of the details of the outfits including which designer the clothing item is from, what accessories they are wearing with it, and the cost of everything that they are wearing. Most of these accounts tend to follow celebrity styles and costume designers who share details of what their clients are wearing so that they can research and post the details for fans of the shows and celebrities to see.

Many of these accounts can have huge numbers in followings ranging from five thousand followers to five hundred thousand followers, with some having more or less. There is a lot of research and dedication that goes behind being the owner of one of these accounts. Many of them have to keep on top of events their favorite celebrity attends or outfits each character is wearing to do research on and post the looks. Some accounts even take fan requests, with fans messaging them on the app and asking them to find certain details of a look or outfit. As we take a look into style file accounts on Instagram, here are some of our current favorite accounts to follow.

TV Show Accounts

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