Every Look from Givenchy Resort 2022

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Ever wondered what it is like to be a cool kid in Paris? Givenchy has you covered. Matthew Williams sets the stage at a seemingly exclusive railyard in Paris where only the sexy and chic are allowed. Models strutted across the platform with their grungiest demeanor to accommodate the collection featuring acid-washed and airbrushed jeans, tailored jackets, oversized hoodies, dresses, and more.

Aspects of William’s independent street-wear brand 1017 Alyx 9SM, also known as Alyx Studio, can be spotted throughout the collection with well-structured silhouettes and functionality. A new and prominent feature includes airbrushed artwork created by Seattle-born, Mexico-based artist Chito, who has worked with Supreme and Yohji Yamamoto.

Under the direction of Williams, Givenchy has successfully implemented a punk and urban feel. Before his appointment in June 2020, he worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kanye West, both of which are highly recognized in the rule-breaking realm of the industry.

While scrolling through his Instagram or viewing photos online, you may think that Williams is the right-hand man for styling and creative consulting for celebrities, but that isn’t the case. “I’m known as this celebrity-connected designer, but I don’t really hang out with celebrities that much,” Williams said in an interview with GQ this past March.

The industrial and underground culture components of the collection are explicit thanks to the setting alone, but hardware Rimowa luggage, body chains, and choice of colors perfectly matching the overcast present in Paris during the live show channels the personal style of Williams. Each look embodies his character and design thinking which trace back to his days working with Been Trill and Virgil Abloh. It’s safe to say that Williams is the poster child for infusing 90’s trends with European flair, a combo that is often seen on the runway, but only successfully executed by a few and received well by those with an eye for it.

So, which outfit will you be wearing to the next railyard hangout (if you’re invited)?

View each look from the Givenchy Resort 2022 Collection below.

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