Whether You Like It or Not, Low-Rise Pants Are Trending


Whether you like it or not, the low-rise is back.

Bella Hadid was spotted sporting a chic pair of hip-bone revealing pants in Paris, France, looking every part the star model.

The Y2K trend has been a feature on and off the runway, with celebrities embracing the unique fit of pants.

Much to the dismay of those who adore a high rise waist, the low rise seems to be an increasingly popular option. In the 2000s, the low rise was the only choice for pop- stars and celebrities, and we have photographic evidence to prove it.

The ultra-sexy low-rise jean came after the rise the of the high-waisted mom jean popular in the ’80s. This new pant fit elongated the torso, made the legs appear curvier, and showed off more of the body. Are you feeling a bit of déjà vu? The trend has reemerged again after our last obsession with mom jeans and high-waisted fits in the 2010s.

Bella Hadid’s hip cleavage is a fresh take on the lowrise trend. Similar versions are the infamous whale tails of 2019.

The whale tail, low-rise, exposed hip bone pants will likely be traded for another trend in the near future, so for now, let us enjoy this sexy fad while it lasts.


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