Every Look From Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2022

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Wales Bonner takes their ultra-polished design in a more relaxed direction for their Spring-Summer 2022 Collection.

Inspired by ’70s West African portraiture, the hazy focus of the vintage camera lens offers the clothing a softness and a sense of familiarity. And although the models seem quite staid and regal, there is a liveliness present within the collection. Vogue UK,

“There’s a sense of optimism in the lookbook. That feeling of movement and dance and music was present, but also the idea of travelling and experiencing a place – which is not necessarily something we can do right now – and being prepared for garments to be able to cross over into different spaces. The idea that tailoring can get a bit battered or lived in, and to create something that’s not precious was something I had in mind,”said Creative Director of her eponymous house Grace Wales Bonner.

    The result is a vivid and joyful collection perfect for the warm seasons.
    Click through the gallery below to check out every look.

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