Every Look From Versace Resort 2022

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Versace Resort 2022 is nothing short of pure joy bubbling over and spilling out in a playful splash of signature Versace prints and motifs like the Medusa head and swaths of golden chains. The collective agreement that we are entering the “new normal” with seems to be that fashion deserves to be fun, and as chief creative officer of Versace, Donatella Versace seems to entirely be in agreement with that sentiment. We might not ever return to “old” fashion, so why not breathe new life into nostalgic archival styles to birth an eye-catching, uncompromisingly colorful collection?

Donatella has never been one to shy away from a statement, but this particular resort collection feels less pointedly forward and more unapologetically radiant. The chunky platform Mary Janes and go-go boots feel doll-like but not precious, and each shade of lavender, yellow, and bubblegum pink is ammunition against the darkness of this past year. The incorporation of psychedelic prints à la the 70s is a callback to the decade of Versace’s 1978 debut, and contrasting tones of black serve to support, rather than dim, the radiance of nostalgia.

Versace continues to lean into the logomania craze with this collection in a way that feels authentic to the brand’s heritage, and in true Versace form, prints are mixed and styled to artfully clash in pursuit of the same sort of inexplicable fun that is derived from doing exactly what you’re told not to do. Hemlines are rising, which those who believe in George Taylor’s Hemline Index Theory might consider to be a vote of optimism regarding the upward trajectory of the economy, and sprinkled throughout the collection are playful jacquards, hints of opalescent metallics, and colorful latex that looks good enough to eat. The models toting Versace La Medusa bags naturally have ones that match their outfits as a nod to the popularity of the monochrome trend, so clearly this collection is for only the fiercest and coolest of fashion aficionados who don’t shy away from whimsy — if this is the new normal, we can’t get enough.

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