Every Look From Balmain Resort 2022

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Olivier Rousteing unveiled his Balmain Resort 2022 collection, introducing his vision to the world of the „New French Style.“ It’s fresh, boho, and unisex, in a combination of Rousteing’s own personal inspiration and heritage with Balmain’s Parisian legacy.

Showing just before Rousteing’s documentary Wonder Boy hits Netflix on June 28, the Creative Director has discussed this collection is closely tied to his own background. The documentary, which premiered in French cinemas back in 2019, follows Rousteing’s search for his biological parents. He discovers his Somalian and Ethiopian heritage along the journey, which he reflects on in the collection through loose silhouettes, strong patterns, and rich textures.

“I think it’s one of the most personal collections I’ve done in my entire career,” said Rousteing.

„Generation 2.0“ arrives in 60 looks that are made for „citizens of the world,“ offering wide ponchos, oversized hobo bags, and relaxed yet elevated ensembles. Rousteing also honors the heritage of the fashion house by utilizing the labyrinth pattern, once invented by Pierre Balmain then reintroduced by Rousteing, appearing this time in striking orange and bold black. “The clients really like it, so we played with it even more.“

Another highlight of the collection is those pom pom shoes, where fur basically engulfs the entire foot. The fluff is notable cruelty-free, in a mix of faux fur and long-haired goat fur from the goat-milk industry.

This collection certainly „blurs boundaries,“ as it offers a taste of everything. From the expected striking glamour of Balmain, to nonchalant summer styling, to Rousteing’s own cultural referencing; a range of knits, denim, jewels, silk, and even fluffy feet.

View every look from the collection in the galley below.

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