Every Look From Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022

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Louis Vuitton’s latest Cruise line took place over a sprawling two-mile-long park exhibit in the outskirts of Paris, created by Israeli environmental activist Dani Karavan.

For their Cruise 2022 line, the label took inspiration from the unlimited potential of imagination for a truly unorthodox resort wear collection. And as LV’s show notes say, “Why not?”

Creative Director Nicholas Ghesquiere has a penchant for sci-fi and even space travel, the latter of which influenced some of the prints he used for this latest collection.

The futuristic collection avoids all the obvious choices for vacation wear like easy shifts and gauzy fabrics and instead opts for a much more structured and vibrant display. There are shoulder pads and suits with epaulet-like details, adding a militaristic feel to LV’s work.

“An optimistic company akin to luminous “marching bands” of joyful color. A collection of proud, positive looks that advance straight ahead, serenely,” says the press notes for the collection. The marching band inspiration clearly comes through among the forty-five look collection.

One thing is for certain, this collection is as unique as the art it shared a stage with.

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