Meet the Italian Maison Reinventing Lace


Authentic Italian craftsmanship is difficult to come by in the 21st century. A renowned cornerstone for centuries, the uniquely intricate techniques behind Made In Italy houses are limited as fashion becomes more fast and faux. However, Ermanno Scervino preserves the original artistry of handmade couture.

How? The answer is simple: lace. Beyond just the continued use of renowned methods, Ermanno Scervino shares how he transforms the material “into a modern language, combining the values of sartorial tradition with glamour.” Timeless quality meshed with feminine modernity to yield a revolutionary version of lace.

Constant research into fresh concepts and technology is essential to the Maison’s future, especially through the utilization of gender by incorporating masculine fabrics into feminine silhouettes. Scervino warns about the dangers of falling too deeply into designs of the past, stating that “we need to be careful not to fall into an easy nostalgia.”

Further, Scervino’s atelier blends variant generations and backgrounds to curate the ultimate melting pot of artistic craftsmanship. Subsequently, innovative methods such as a honeycomb form of pleated lace emerges, juxtaposed with classic usage of the textile.

The Italian Maison’s reasoning for a focus on lace speaks volumes on the core values of Ermanno Scervino. Lace’s subtle transparency and intimate nature is the ultimate vessel for a sensual expression of femininity. Almost every collection by Scervino weaves in the powerful texture of lace, from his sophisticated lingerie of late to his fashion debut with lace petticoats. Modernization of historical fashion has never looked so elegant.


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