Burberry Is Going Climate Positive

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Burberry is making a bold statement and this time, it’s not in the form of an exciting new collection.

The label is setting a new initiative to become climate positive by 2040, the first luxury brand to do so. The move goes further than Burberry’s current 2040 net-zero target by investing in key initiatives to support wider climate change efforts.

„As a company, we are united by our passion for being a force for good in the world. By strengthening our commitment to sustainability, we are going further in helping protect our planet for generations to come,“ said Chief Marketing Officer of Burberry Marco Gobbetti.

And it seems Burberry has been doing just that. Since 2019, all of its events, including shows and presentations, have been certified carbon neutral since 2019 and the company has successfully reduced its market-based emissions by 92 percent since 2016.

The label has also joined the Fashion Avengers, a collective of global brands and organizations that are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Burberry has also promised to invest in programs that protect and restore natural ecosystems and fund initiatives that help vulnerable communities adapt to changing climate realities.

All this is in addition to The Burberry Regeneration Fund, which allows Burberry to compensate and store carbon, promote biodiversity, facilitate the restoration of ecosystems and support the livelihoods of local communities. Having just begun in 2020, their first project Burberry partners with PUR Project to implement a regenerative agricultural program with wool producers in Australia.

As Gobbetti says, Burberry was built upon a desire to explore nature, and it’s clear that they will also go to great lengths to protect it.

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