Valentino to host NFT Art Show with works by Artist Matthew Stone


The NFT – Fashion crossover reaches new heights with Valentino’s latest endeavor.

The house will be displaying digital NFT works from artist Matthew Stone, in an exclusive exhibition at Valentino Episode SoHo located at 135 Spring Street in New York.

Matthew Stone is known for his complex and highly detailed digital paintings on linen. His process begins with real-world painted brushstrokes and ends in the virtual with 3D modelling software.

The artist explains, “I have always been bouncing back and forth between digital and physical art-making processes. I am excited to bring moving versions of my paintings into a physical installation so that I can show people the virtual and 3D realms that I hang out in, while making my works.”

Matthew’s works will also be featured in the second phase of Valentino’s Insights on starting June 2. Insights is a continuously updated platform: a universal window to discover news and to experience personal activities dedicated to the Valentino Community. For the second chapter Valentino will bring the user into a Roman residence hosting an exhibition of Stone’s NFTs. The navigation ushers visitors through two additional rooms in which Valentino is in conversation with art and the City of Rome. A hidden room will be revealed letting the users to explore the house, unlocking exclusive contents.

Matthew Stone’s four NFT works – “Soothe”, “Effervescence”, “Kinship” and “Warmth” are on display at Valentino Episode SoHo starting Wednesday, May 26 through Friday, June 4.


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