Every Look From Chanel Cruise 2022

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Chanel doesn’t go for the obvious with their Cruise 2022 collection. We’re trading big floppy hats and non-descript floral prints for fishnet and fringe.

Chanel doesn’t lean too far away from their house codes; the classic tweed Chanel suit is featured alongside the pearl motif in the form of draped belts. Of course, there’s a mini skirt for every mood.

The color story represents Chanel’s classic minimalism, with black and white carrying the collection forward. Instead of seeming demure, Chanel’s Cruise collection feels punk. From the models’ heavy side part to the graphic tees and fishnet, there is a decided attitude to this particular collection. Just look at the garter belt they turned into a little purse.

Inspired by friend of Coco Chanel Jean Cocteau’s play, “Orpheus” which deals with themes of mortality, sacrifice, and artistry, it makes sense that the collection carry an undercurrent of grunge. Drawings from the Orpheus feature on some of the T- Shirts.

Check out the entire collection below.

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