The Chunky Gold Jewelry Brands to Buy for Summer

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Instagram called… chunky gold jewelry is the official summer staple. It’s a bad time to prefer silver. Mega-sized rings, seemingly 200-pound necklace chains, and stacked earrings are infiltrating social media and real life alike. Fast-growing small businesses and established brands are stylishly competing to keep up with the trend, often unable to remain anything in stock. Is minimalism being swiftly replaced with a post-pandemic wave of maximalist accessorizing?

In typical 2021 fashion, TikTok is a catalyst for the trend. Victoria Paris and Suede Brooks, Gen Z’s latest designated style-setters have been championing chunky gold jewelry quite successfully. Their go-to brand, Joolz by Martha Calvo, is either being worn or replicated by just about everyone.

Celebrities have also become smitten with the Instagram brand, Gigi Hadid and Bad Bunny making multiple appearances in their necklaces. Pops of color are thrown in with a hint of the kitschy bead trend, becoming utterly addictive. Excessive layering is inevitable and encouraged. Oh-so-maximalist.

Lauren Rubinski, another trendy Instagram jeweler, approaches classic gold and kitsch with her own spin. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are either adorned with a fun and rudimentary take on children’s building blocks to spell out whimsy sayings, or a timeless but XL version of gold classics. Both provide an amusing twist to any outfit.

Perhaps you recognize her work frequenting the accessory lineup of Man Repeller founder, Leandra Medine Cohen, or former VS angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Lauren Rubinski is certainly making her mark in the Instagram jewelry space, which is no easy feat. Fashion via social media is becoming more over-saturated by the day.

For a more understated approach to the trend, Completedworks and Alighieri Jewelry curate a simplistic angle to chunky gold. Alighieri’s designs follow a beautiful organic shape, appearing handmade and incredibly individualistic.

Completedworks’ creations follow the voluminous metallic formula of the trend, but through the use of compounded thinner strands of gold. The final outcome is an almost tangled look—aka every necklace owner’s nightmare—but in the best way possible.

Of course, established luxury houses have their own chunky gold specialties. As this trend is not exactly reinventing the wheel, labels such as Versace and Louis Vutton have classics that assimilate flawlessly. Bella Hadid recently posted the ultimate maximalist gold look in honor of Donatella Versace‘s birthday, featuring jewelry that looks like a weightlifting workout (yet so chic).

Louis Vuitton’s “Summer Silhouette” campaign features a stunning mega chain sported by supermodel legacy, Kaia Gerber. The house’s styling of the piece proves just how versatile chunky gold can be.

On the runway, Givenchy and Schiaparelli worked the super-sized metallic bijoux into their Fall/Winter collections. Schiaparelli’s entire ready to wear was adorned in head-to-toe gold metal accents, most notable being the organically-shaped jewelry. All 35 looks worked in a chunky piece, each more to die for than the next. Peak maximalism meets surrealism.

Givenchy’s approach to bulky gold was ironically very sleek and modern. Classic, glimmering chains against neutral tones are straight out of our styling dreams. Very winter, but easily applicable to any summer look due to the timeless look of the chain.

Whether streetwear, beach, or Met Gala glamour is the look you lust for during summer 2021, chunky gold can apply. Embrace your maximalist dreams and indulge in the overdone.

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