Jil Sander Launches Unisex Line

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Jil Sander is launching Jil Sander+, a new unisex collection beginning with Fall/Winter 2019 that offers everything from outerwear and accessories to denim, shirts, jackets, and jumpsuits. The denim from the collection is sourced from Japanese mills and the line also includes down jackets, capes, knitwear, and shoes, and other products made for adventure outside of the city.

In collaboration with outerwear company Mackintosh this season, the Jil Sander+ collection is made with recycled cashmere and follows a functional, relaxed, and minimalist aesthetic, mixing the understated luxury of the brand with the comfortable and utilitarian influences of the great outdoors. Most of the clothing is unisex and rooted in the backstories of Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier, who grew up skiing in the mountains and living in nature.

Elsewhere in the collection, Jil Sander+ also includes Arctic Down Jackets, jersey pieces, study boots, slippers, and cozy mohair blankets.

Jil Sander+ will be available with Fall/Winter 2019.

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