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First scouted at 12 years old, Romanian model Alexandra Micu had the intention of taking it slow and steady when it came to her career, deciding to wait until she felt a bit more grown up. This changed, however, when several years later, she was scouted again and entered into the Elite Model Look contest in Romania. Micu won the first round and went on to represent her home country in the international phase of the contest, during which she competed against 50 other girls. Although she didn’t win, Micu made it to the top 10, which resulted in her getting signed by agencies around the world.

Now, the model is well established in high fashion, recently walking for the Moschino Fall/Winter 2019 show and on the catwalks of haute couture shows for Chanel, Giambattista Valli, and Christian Dior. She’s an easy pick for designers due to her chameleon-like ability to take on any look, from a tousled pixie cut to lengthy Willie Nelson-esque braids. On a recent visit to New York, Micu gave CR the scoop about her favorite place to travel and the cartoon show that inspired her dream job.

What’s been your favorite modeling experience so far?
„Louis Vuitton Cruise is always nice. Once I went to Tokyo and another time, I went to South of France. That was a lot of fun. I loved when I worked with Paolo Roversi, because that was one of my first shoots. It was overwhelming to work with him, but it was really good. He’s someone I look up to and just being able to be around him and learn from him was insane.“

Do you do anything to prepare for shoots?
If I know I’m working with a photographer, I’ll just look up his work more before to see his style, what he likes, what he does exactly.“

Favorite thing to do in your free time?
„Before modeling, I was doing contemporary dance, but then I had to give it up. I was a cheerleader for five years, and I really loved that. Now, I don’t know. When I’m home, I just like to hang out with my family and friends and go camping in the forest.“

What about when you visit New York?
It’s only my third time here. I still don’t know my way around and I’m discovering new places and restaurants.“

Favorite place to travel?
I love Dubai. I’ve been going there a lot because my mother agent lives there. It’s a really nice vacation spot and really chill. I like going to the seaside there.“

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
„I’ve always wanted to be a detective, and that’s still my dream job. You know the cartoon Totally Spies? I was obsessed with it when I was younger. I used to play detective or spy all the time and spy on my parents. I think it all started from that, and then when I grew up, I started reading [mystery novels] and Agatha Christie. I’m obsessed.“

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