Burberry’s Christmas Campaign is Here

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You won’t see any sugar plum fairies in Burberry’s newly released Christmas campaign. The video and imagery, shot by British artist Juno Calypso, capture the realities of the holiday season, rather than festive fantasies. That’s not to say that „Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas“ lacks any sense of wonder. Starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Matt Smith, M.I.A., Naomi Campbell, and Valerie Morris-Campbell, the campaign captures an eerie sense of anticipation for Christmas-time festivities. The video brings the audience through a day full the highs and lows of the holidays, including unsavory weather, public transit delays, the moments before a feast, and quality time with family.

As the first holiday campaign under Ricardo Tisci’s reign at Burberry, it reflects the chief creative officer’s sleek direction for the house as well as his commitment to its heritage. Each scene is captured with sharp precision, with Tisci’s designs bringing that British polish to the table. An abundance of Burberry plaid and khaki can be spotted throughout, including a cameo of the upcoming Vivienne Westwood collaboration modeled by Campbell and Morris-Campbell.

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