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Simona Kust is a model on the rise. Discovered in her father’s artist studio in Moscow, she has quickly cemented herself as a go-to girl for runway and as a darling of Saint Laurent. Yes, she walked that watery catwalk under the Eiffel Tower for Spring/Summer 2019. As a self-proclaimed lover of all things Parisian, she dishes to CR about her artistic upbringing, what she dreamed about becoming as a child, and what she’s most looking forward to seeing in New York.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
„I was born in Stockholm but grew up in Moscow, living with my dad and mother. My dad is an avant-garde artist, who is also a collector and has performances. It was fun growing up surrounded by people doing creative stuff. I got a lot of passion for photography, art, and fashion from my parents.“

How did you get into modeling?
„Two years ago, I met the director of my mother agency at my dad’s studio. Their mutual friend had a birthday there just downstairs from our apartment in Moscow. Two weeks later, I flew to Paris to meet her and other agencies.“

What made you want to get into modeling? What was it like working exclusively for Saint Laurent?
„It was crazy, I’m so grateful. I still can’t believe it; it’s a dream come true. I love the whole team and they’re the nicest people out there. Every time I see them again for different projects, it is like they’re family.“

Do you miss Stockholm? Or do you prefer New York?
„Actually, I love Paris. I’d one hundred percent love to move to Paris. I love the atmosphere, the food, the architecture, and the people can be nice if you know French. I just love it.“

What do you like to do in your spare time?
„I usually hang out with my friends, like everyone does. I like traveling and spending time with my family, but usually, I’m helping my dad with different projects. He has a huge space with vintage clothes that he’s collected for over 20 years, and works on photo projects, performances, films, and theater. I like to help him because I learn a lot from him.“

What would you like to do if you weren’t a model?
„If I weren’t a model, I have no idea what I’d do. Be an actress, I guess. My biggest dream, the thing I wished for when I’d blow candles out on a birthday cake as a child, was to be a famous actress in Hollywood.“

Favorite movie?
„I love The Untouchables. I’ve seen it more than ten times. Also, Amelie set in Montmartre.“

What made you want to dye your hair pink?
„We did it for the campaign. It wasn’t my choice, but I loved the idea. It is the third time I’ve done it, because the color washes out quickly.“

Do you have any style icons?
„Rhianna. There are so many outfits of hers. I love the naked dress in crystals. My parents have also always been one for me. They used to dress me up, and when I look at them I see a bit of myself.“

What are you doing to do while you’re in New York?
„I’m going to visit the Museum of Modern Art.“

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