French Girls Reveal Their Biggest Fashion Regrets


There’s nothing more mortifying than remembering cringe-worthy outfits from years past. Factor in growing pains during awkward tween years—shudder—and those memories become a million times more painful. Fashion regrets happen to the best of us—and the buzziest French girls in the industry aren’t immune to them either. We asked today’s It girls to recall their biggest sartorial snafus, proving that even the chicest among us can fall prey to of-the-moment trends. We’re all humans, after all.

Iman Perez, Model

“My biggest fashion regret was probably the way that I dressed going into my first years of high school. My style evolved a lot during the years, but I have to say that between 6th and 8th grade, it was a mess. I thought that I was extremely cool wearing sweatpants with Doc Martens boots every day.”

Ophelie Guillermand, model

“Overdoing it. You need to keep a cool feel with whatever you wear. Even in a gala dress.”

Estelle Chen, model

“Wearing Ugg boots during middle school because they were so popular in France! All the girls were wearing them. When I look back at myself six years ago, begging my mum to buy me some, I get quite embarrassed.”

Cindy Bruna, model

“When I was 15 years old, I used to think that beauty was about wearing a lot of makeup. I was quite generous with that. It’s funny how much I love being natural now. I wish we had tutorials and social media at the time to teach us how to apply everything, or even someone to teach us the importance of looking natural.”

Sabina Socol, model

“I think there was a certain period of my life in which I was still trying to find myself and my own style. I sort gave into trends to easily. ‘Regret’ is a big word, but I’m definitely a little ashamed of certain photos.”

Karidja Touré, actress

“My biggest fashion regret was a pair of very wide yellow joggers—it’s horrible thinking about it today.”

Violette, makeup artist

“When I was into fluorescent colors.”


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