Jennifer Fisher Reveals First Sustainable Line

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Following the trend towards more sustainable fashion, jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher announced a partnership with San Francisco-based Diamond Foundry, the leader in real sustainable diamonds. The collaboration features eight mismatched single diamond studs, each set in a handmade 18k yellow gold, custom fit to the piece.

The collection emphasizes both brands‘ mutual commitment to creating quality luxury items that don’t harm the environment. The diamonds are all custom cut so that each piece is as unique as its owner.

„To align with Diamond Foundry’s unique production methods, I wanted to make something non-traditional,“ Fisher said. „I see these studs as a bit more modern, intended to be worn mismatched. The studs will be sold as singles, and no stone is alike.“

Diamond Foundry utilizes renewable energy to create the world’s first and only diamonds that are certified carbon neutral. Meanwhile, Fisher has been largely recognized for her accomplishments as a designer, winning several awards and serving as an official member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America since 2013.

The collection is available exclusively online, where four options are currently available. For prices and to place an order, call 888-255-0640 or email

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