Vintage Pictures Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City’s greatest landmarks. On February 20, 1872, the museum, which was founded in 1870, first opened its doors to the public at its original location at 681 Fifth Avenue. On March 30, 1880, the Met opened its current site on Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, and has been astonishing art lovers ever since. The building, which has seen a few more expansions over the years, has become a pop-culture emblem of the city, appearing in movies and on television, as well as becoming the host of the Costume Institute’s annual Met Gala. But what it is best known for is its outstanding art collection, which, over the course of 147 years, has become one of the most important in the world. On the anniversary of the Met’s opening, click through to see vintage photos of the museum’s original grandeur.

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