“Mario Testino: Unfiltered” Exhibition Arrives in Milan

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The 29 Arts in Progress Gallery in historic Sant’ Ambrogio, Milan introduces the two-part installation, “Mario Testino: Unfiltered,” featuring never-before-seen work by the legendary photographer. The first half of the centerpiece Italian exhibit will show this fall, from October 1 to November 27, and return in the winter months.

On view are more than 50 fashion portraits curated by the gallery and Testino himself, along with a selection of photographs from his new book Ciao (Taschen, 2020) that’s dedicated to Italy and it’s culture. Viewers will also experience an unpublished body of work including Testino’s personal snapshots and portraits.

29 Arts in Progress is known to host fashion photography by the most internationally renowned artists. “Working with Mario Testino and his team has been a great pleasure and honor for us,” said gallery directors Eugenio Calini and Luca Casulli. “It’s wonderful to have the chance to get know the more authentic side of an artist of such talent and above all observe the great trust he has placed in us, a trust which is at the heart of any successful relationship.”

View a special preview of the exhibit below with narration by Testino, courtesy of 29 Arts In Progress gallery.

“Having access to a boat during the holidays is always a wonderful experience, as you have the time to explore and get to places you wouldn’t see otherwise. This image was inspired by holidays like that when the guys are always looking for the highest places to jump from. This is Phillip Bode in a moment of happiness jumping into the sea.” — Mario Testino

“I have always been obsessed with how fast you have to be to capure an image. That’s why I carry my camera with me all the time. In this partiicular moment, it was a sort of competition. The dog wasn’t allowing one of the surfers, Ryan, to get dressed and as we were all laughing, he knew that I was getting my camera out, so he was trying harder to get the suit from the dog. I think that’s what makes the picture so interesting, I wanted to capture that exact moment of fun. I grew up inn a surfer’s beach so it’s a very normal scene for us, but for other people it would be quite strange to see somebody stark naked in public.” — Mario Testino

“In the 90s, I was shooting many nudes. I remember noticing all of a sudden a lot of people were starting to shave, even the men. I have always been inspired by real life for my pictures.” — Mario Testino

The exhibition “Mario Testino: Unfiltered” will open to the public on the 1st of October 2021 at the gallery in Via San Vittore 13, Milan.

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