How to Help Afghan Refugees Right Now


As the Taliban has slowly solidified control over Afghanistan, the world has mobilized to assist in providing relief for the people who are living the realities of this devastating situation, especially women, who fear the dark days of Taliban rule just two decades prior is set to rise again. Devastating images of families fighting for their lives to leave Kabul following the withdrawal of U.S. troops on August 15 has been emblazoned into our memories.

While the Taliban is now in control of the government’s checkpoints, citizens are fleeing the country in mass groups has caused chaos at Kabul’s airports and neighboring borders. The U.S. has since dispatched thousands of troops to assist in the evacuation of citizens. At the moment, it’s easy to feel helpless in a horrific global situation. CR is rounding up a group of charities and organizations that are working towards helping those who have been affected by the crisis happening right now in Afghanistan.

Women for Afghan Women claims it’s the largest women’s group in Afghanistan providing safe shelter, resources, and aid to the over 400,000 women and children fleeing their homes.

As a large portion of Afghani people retreat to „safer“ parts of the country, WorldHelp is providing families with food, water, and other basic needs.
Support Afghanistan’s journalists with the International Media Support and the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee who have dedicated the last 20 years to keeping Afghan journalists safe. As the situation intensifies, the organizations are working to keep Afghanistan’s outlets in operation and its journalists safe.

The International Rescue Committee warns that the dire situation in Afghanistan could spell tragedy for Afghanistan 18 million residents. The organization is working to provide basic needs including medical care for any Afghani people in need throughout this crisis.

The International Refugee Assistance Project is gathering donations to support a growing team of legal advocates defending displaced refugees in their situations.


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