The Importance of Hilary Banks‘ Style

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In the pantheon of iconic ‘90s sitcom style, a few names stand out: Rachel Green, Lisa Turtle, Fran Fine. But arguably no one bests Hilary Banks. For six seasons from 1990 to 1996, actress Karyn Parsons portrayed Hilary on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Cousin to Will Smith’s titular character, Hilary was the spoiled, savvy, often hilarious eldest daughter in the family. And while Parsons deserves props for Hilary’s comedic timing, it’s her personal style that’s most often remarked upon.

Hilary was confident, cunning, and meticulously color-coordinated (she once famously matched her polka-dot pants, hoops, and scrunchie). Often dismissed as spoiled and shallow given her retail predilections, Hilary was indeed a power shopper non-pareil. Still, her wardrobe only underscored her ambition and creativity—particularly her dedication to always dressing on point and for the occasion.

Accessories in particular made many a fab Hilary Banks ensemble. Besides her well-documented love of hats—bowlers, berets, boaters—Hilary snaked gold chains around her neck and wrists, piled on the pearls, and slipped her fingers into lace and leather gloves. She loved cut-outs, padded shoulders, and thigh-skimming silhouettes. Bold colors like scarlet, mustard, and magenta always had a place in her walk-in closet. Tartan minis, bright blazers, and sheer white blouses? Hilary was totally Cher and Dionne before Cher and Dionne.

More recently, what might be described as “Hilary style” found its way onto the runways. Power suiting, vibrant neon hues, cinched waists, lots-o lace, and statement hats are all big for Fall/Winter 2019. Beyond a yen for ‘90s nostalgia however, you probably need a certain level of conviction to pull off a Hilary Banks-inspired look. Though she may not have known how to make toast (true story), she knew how to make a sartorial statement. Hilary’s aesthetic—feminine, sensual, polished, in control—naturally spoke to her poise.

Hilary also had a sense of humor, if not always a sense of self-awareness. Dressed in a beige jacket and matching oversized, flower-adorned beige hat, she famously told her cousin Will, „I’m a beautiful woman trapped in an even more beautiful woman’s body.“ May we all aspire to that level of self-assurance.

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