All of the Trends and Designers Popularized by Jackie Kennedy


Commander-in-Chief of the American fashion industry. Seemingly able to ignite a trend with every outfit she wore, Jacqueline Kennedy dictated the ins and outs of what to wear during the ’60s, ’70s, and beyond. From key accessory pieces to the entire adoration of certain designers, Jackie O is the most influential political figure to ever disrupt fashion in the way she did. A single paparazzi shot was enough to clean out a brand’s entire inventory.

Always classy and elegant, Jackie Kennedy was the ideal pillar of style. Looking back on her fashionable impact is a vital reminder of how our world has evolved. Today, we have swapped refined public appearances with TikTok videos to create trends. Would Jackie O’s style be as powerful in the digital age? Considering the extent of her pull without the intensity of social media, it may have been even stronger.

Discover her most noteworthy fashion popularizations below.

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