Words To Live By: Ernest Hemingway


Take a note from the most iconic stars of yesterday-quite literally. Words to Live By is a compilation of the most memorable quotes from Old Hollywood on love, style, life, and more.

For decades, Hemingway’s arid, unsentimental prose has been a mainstay on the shelves of both high school literature classes and the most seasoned critics. Instead of going to college like his parents expected, Ernest Hemingway began his writing career at age 18 as a journalist for The Kansas City Star. Inspired by authors such as Mark Twain and Ezra Pound, he honed his signature minimalist style during his career as a reporter before eventually departing for Italy to serve as an ambulance driver in World War I. Throughout much of the early 1920’s, Hemingway lived in Paris, developed his craft before finally releasing The Sun Also Rises in 1926. He continued on to win the Nobel Prize in Literature for The Old Man And The Sea in 1954. Although his life met a tragic end, he left behind several pearls of wisdom for the world to embrace for centuries to come. In honor of his 120th birthday today, CR ruminates on some of the most powerful messages the A Farewell To Arms author left behind.

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