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The Secret Behind The Best Skin In Hollywood –

The Secret Behind The Best Skin In Hollywood

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When it comes to red carpet events like the Oscars, celebrity makeup artists earn a lot of credit. But we know that behind every flawless beauty look is perfect skin—and the team behind the healthiest, glowiest skin on the red carpet at the Oscars (and all year round) comes from Tracie Martyn, who leaves her New York City location this time of year, serving up her trademark Red Carpet Facial.

This award show season, Martyn treated actresses Brie Larson and Sofia Vergara before making their red carpet experiences, along with several other big name celebs who wanted to keep their skin secrets under wraps. In the past, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, and Tim Robbins payed Tracie Martyn several visits before taking home their Oscars. Even Brad Pritt has multiple visits.

Having tried it myself, I can see how the Red Carpet Facial could make a makeup artist’s life a whole lot easier; talents like Rachel Goodwin have come to consider it insurance that they’ll have a clean canvas and perfectly sculpted face sitting in front of them before they even lift up a makeup brush.

So what’s the secret sauce? Martyn’s proprietary lifting and sculpting machines, called the Resculptor, work quickly and effectively to give you visible results—and they’re super gentle, so you don’t have to worry about any redness or irritation right before an event. To be more specific, she makes puffiness and dark eye circles go away, and in its place will be firmer, brighter, skin all over, with a lift. If you aim for all non-toxic products (as we all should), Martyn has you covered there too. Every ounce of her products are completely all-natural. It’s an investment, but if you’re having a custom Givenchy dress made for the Oscars, it’s inadvisable to not accessorize it with makeup that’s piled on to hide your tired looking skin.

Conveniently for some, Tracie Martyn is located on Fifth Avenue in New York to assist with everything from routine visits for cleanings to major Resculpting and LED beds. But since the secret has spread to the West Coast, don’t be surprised to see Martyn opening the doors in L.A. to cater to Hollywood’s finest.

Tracie Martyn is located at 101 Fifth Avenue on the 11th Floor—call 1.866.TRACIE to book an appointment.

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