Celebrity Homes We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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There aren’t many things the internet loves more than sneak peeks into the private lives of celebrities. Case in point: @housesofcelebs on Instagram, an account dedicated to showcasing the interior design choices and real estate dealings of Hollywood’s rich and famous. The account has amassed over 543k followers who closely follow the posts have covered every celebrity from Elon Musk to Emma Chamberlin. Each post follows a similar visual format and lists the location of the property, the cost, the square footage, the most interesting features, and photos of the interior design typically sourced from AirBnB or a listing agency. Celebrity lives can seem miles above and away from the lives of the general public, so there’s something humanizing about seeing where they eat, entertain, watch TV, and cook.

Though the comment sections contain the occasional disdainful criticism that usually accompanies any celebrity-related post (an Instagram user commented “so that’s why my Ubers have been so expensive” under a post about Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick’s million New York City penthouse with a private outdoor pool), @housesofcelebs followers tend to contribute thoughtful, interesting design commentary and advice.

Some ask questions (“anyone know where to get that herringbone end table in [Leonardo DiCaprio’s] bedroom?”) while others offer opinions (“[G-Eazy’s house is] really cool and well designed considering it’s one of the smallest celeb houses I’ve seen.”) Others take to the comment section to troll and offer self-deprecating humor — one person took to a post about Margot Robbie’s .48 million Los Angeles home being up for sale to comment “I have 10 dollars, take it or leave it.” Despite the mixed range of opinions from fans and critics alike, one thing is clear — we can’t get enough of celebrity homes. Here are a few that we at CR can’t stop thinking about.


If you’re looking for a house inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the philosophy that each room should represent a different trope, hat, persona, or era, look no further than Cara Delevigne’s Los Angeles home. Complete with a ball pit, a costume closet, a poker room, multiple vintage arcade games, and a completely clear piano (oh, and let’s not forget the Gucci wallpaper that runs throughout the house), Delevigne’s approach is that of childlike joy, working with Nicolò Bini to create a lighthearted sanctuary of play and art out of a 1940s home. The model and actress was unhindered in her design, shedding the idea that a singular design theme needed to run throughout the entire house and instead choosing to explore various aesthetics for each room in the same way that she takes on personalities and backstories for film projects.

There’s no shortage of novelty, from a Chanel surfboard to a chandelier that Bini and Delevigne accessorized with colored lights and a disco ball. Delevigne tells Architectural Digest that “it felt wasteful to toss everything out. Sometimes sustainability just means working with what you have. The big crystal chandelier in the living room wasn’t exactly my thing, so we put a disco ball in the middle of it and added colored lights. All of a sudden it feels like me.”

It’s the lovechild of the Beverly Hills hotel and Coney Island, a physical manifestation of the wacky, creative, artistic, childlike spirit that any Delevigne residence would be incomplete without.


Despite the many things about Elsa Hosk’s life that we generally find enviable, her design style may take the cake in terms of desirability. For starters, the model and new mom lives in the Wilkins House, a Richard Neutra-designed home in South Pasadena which isn’t a bad starting point as far as design goes. The Wilkins house is filled with art books, sculptural coffee table decor, and wooden furniture pieces baby-proofed and hygge-infused with cozy blankets and carpeting. Hosk also incorporates her extensive closet into the decor, displaying shoes and bags on minimalist pedestals.

Hosk often takes to Instagram to share snapshots of modular furniture and modern art like a checkered papier-mâché end table created by Emma Agersø or a vintage vase sourced from Ruby Atelier, a Copenhagen-based showroom focusing on vintage and contemporary design.

Her taste for balance and harmony in her living space is clear, as the supermodel tends to play with textures and fabrics in comforting, neutral tones. With a hectic life and a new baby, we don’t blame Hosk for creating a dream sanctuary-like home as her safe space. After all, the home is where the heart is, and we too would want our heart to reside on a cream-colored cloud couch filled with knit blankets.


Dakota Johnson is (or was, as she has since moved out) the proud owner of the infamous green kitchen, seen by millions in her Architectural Digest home tour. While a green kitchen may not sound revolutionary in theory, the internet couldn’t get enough of how the forest-colored cabinets match the houseplants which match the bowl of limes on the counter in 50 perfectly coordinated shades of green.

The serenity of Johnson’s cooking space is exactly what you’d expect given her calming voice and quiet demeanor, and as the actress walks through the home that previously belonged to American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy it’s evident that each piece of decor holds a story. A good portion of her furniture has had previous owners — a few pieces came with the house, other pieces were gifted by the likes of Patti Smith and Chanel, and some decor is simply Dakota Johnson (like the Funko Pop of Barb from Stranger Things that sits on her office bookshelves). There’s a strong 70s-style emphasis on wood and plenty of vintage pieces, including a couch covered in brown crushed mohair and an antique Wurlitzer piano that she “plays badly.” It’s all perfectly quirky, and the tour stops just short of her bedroom as Johnson playfully tells off Architectural Digest for being “sneaky” and that she “can’t believe that I’m even letting you guys in my house.”


Kendall Jenner’s rustic lodgings are situated in Los Angeles, and the best word to describe her farmhouse is relaxing. A lot of the features that Jenner describes in her home create a calming atmosphere that the model seems to prefer: a pot filler for brewing cups of tea, a massive golden bathtub, and a home movie theater-turned-painting room for unwinding. The model’s home features a few key art pieces, including a Tracey Emin neon sign, a James Turrell LED sculpture, Barbara Kruger art, and 18th-century Italian doors from her childhood home, passed down from Kris Jenner.

Jenner tapped mother-and-son duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements to be part of her design team as well as Waldo Fernandez of Waldo’s Designs, an L.A.-based interior designer. While the zen home was structured and decorated by a team of professionals and Jenner herself, we find ourselves almost forgetting that she isn’t just a normal 25-year-old with an abnormally large, airy Los Angeles home. The wall of Kendall Jenner’s framed magazine covers in her personal glam and fitting room will do as a reminder that this isn’t your average 20-something home.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis of That 70’s Show fame (among other things) live in a sustainable Los Angeles farmhouse that isn’t quite your typical L.A. multi-million dollar home. Lovingly dubbed “KuKu Farms,” the home that this power couple built from the ground up with the help of Howard Backen and Vicky Charles is a far cry from the lavish, decked-out California estates that celebrity pairs tend to clamor for. Kunis told Architectural Digest that the pair “wanted a home, not an estate.”

Kutcher and Kunis were closely involved in creating their dream space, collaborating with Backen on everything from beam sizes to concrete to decor. A luxurious chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceilings in the entertainment space, adding a touch of playfulness to the otherwise wood-filled, barn-inspired home. Kutcher says of the chandelier, “we thought it would be funny to have this incredibly opulent thing hanging in a barn. It kind of takes the piss out of the property.” The couple’s focus on beautiful, frictionless design and sustainable practicality resulted in a home that, despite the dramatic light fixtures and silver throne chairs, offers just the right amount of comfort.

We also would like to note that Kutcher and Kunis, who recently broke the internet with their statement that they don’t bathe their kids until there is “visible dirt,” made sure to include a bathtub that sits in front of a massive floor-to-ceiling window. The couple clearly doesn’t take themselves too seriously as they recently took to social media to share a video of them bantering back and forth in the bathroom as their children took a bath.

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