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Linda Evangelista Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secret –

Linda Evangelista Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secret

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Iconic ‘90s models Linda, Christy, Cindy, and Naomi have maintained their super status thanks in part to their ability to never visibly age. All approaching their fifties, they’re each as beautiful now as they were then—so when Linda Evangelista reached out about her favorite anti-aging product, we jumped at the opportunity to find out more. Linda is now the vice president and creative director of Erasa—a relatively unknown beauty line that’s about to take off. Her hero product—the brand’s only one—is a clinically tested wrinkle-reducing formula called Erasa XEP-30.

„It all happened by accident,” Evangelista explained when we met at her hotel suite in NYC at the end of November. “My aesthetician gave me a bottle to try and I left it on my nightstand untouched for about a month. Cut to me in bed one night and I decided to try a couple of pumps before I applied my moisturizer. This routine went on for a few weeks without me really paying attention until I went to tweeze my eyebrows in my magnifying mirror. Looking at my skin up close I thought ‘oh wow, I’m having a good day,’ which isn’t something I would usually say. My pores were so much smaller and the only thing that had changed in my skincare regimen was the addition of Erasa.”

Fast forward a full month and Linda’s melasma (a skin condition she developed during pregnancy which caused brown patches to appear on her forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin), was about 40% reduced. “That was when I decided to look the product up online and called my aesthetician to ask for another bottle. I’m a beauty junkie and had never finished a tube of anything in my life, but the thought of running out of this miracle stuff made me freak.” A case of bottles in tow, Linda called Erasa and asked how she could become a part of the team. “I was so happy with my results that I wanted to share them with other women like me.” And by that, Linda doesn’t mean other supermodels, but rather women with melasma, any person trying to combat aging, and consumers in general.

„Listen,“ she leveled, „I’m not trying to look younger, I’m just trying to look good. My melasma exploded while I was pregnant and I was doing laser fraxel treatment constantly trying to get rid of it. So when I found something that worked, I wanted to shout it to the world. Yes, I’ve been the face of multiple beauty products, but I’m a regular customer too. I asked to join Erasa’s team because I use the product, I love the product—and I didn’t have to be media trained to say it.”

Impressive as Linda’s anecdotal evidence is, however, it’s important to touch on the hard-backed science behind Erasa XEP-30 that made her results possible. The product is formulated using an exclusive type of biomimetic technology which allows synthetic materials to mimic the molecular structure of natural substances in order solve problematic skin without ever inflaming it. This technology combined with Erasa’s potent mix of collagen boosters and anti-inflammatory ingredients—some of which are sourced from natural things like raw liquorice extract that costs around ,000 dollars a kilo—stimulates cell rejuvenation, improves elasticity, brightens skin, and reduces discoloration. It also delivers an active ingredient that has a similar effect to Botox called XEP-30 directly to expression lines—hence the name Erasa XEP-30. During clinical trials, wrinkles were reduced by 64% in two weeks and there was almost a 90% reduction in dark spots on users who applied the product twice a day.

With the help of Linda, the brand is hoping to roll out a full range of products—but it’s not in a hurry to launch anything in a specific timeframe. Currently in the works is a moisturizer and after that there are plans for lip and eye creams. Evangelista is actively involved in all phases of product development and testing, making the journey out to Erasa’s labs in New Jersey sometimes as often as twice a week. “I’m enjoying the eduction. I put on my white coat and roll my sleeves up,” she said of her unexpected new role. “Everyone might not be as vain as me, but I’m putting in the effort so that the next product we launch will be absolutely perfect.” To give some context of what she means by „perfect,“ she’s rejected 52 iterations of the moisturizer to date.

All of this leads me to my own experience with Erasa XEP-30. When I left Linda’s hotel, she asked me to use it for at least two weeks before I wrote anything. If you don’t see any changes, she said, don’t bother writing a review. Like her, I left my bottle untouched for a week and then like her again, I started applying two pumps before my moisturizer each night. My initial reaction was that I liked how quickly it absorbed into my skin and after a week I was certain that my face felt softer. Three weeks later and I’ve noticed that the scarring around my jaw—the result of some unpleasantly lingering teenage acne—is starting to fade and that the pores on my nose are significantly reduced. I can’t yet say that my wrinkles have been erased, but I’ve seen enough to use Erasa XEP-30 religiously until it takes full effect.

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