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As far as we know, there’s no such thing as effortless beauty. From facial treatments that leave your complexion dewy and luminous to the perfect winged eyeliner, experts reveal their most-trusted, insider hacks for CR’s series, Beauty Secrets.

Patrick Ta is part of the generation of makeup artists who have primarily found their clients through Instagram. The self-taught makeup artist was freelancing and working at M.A.C. cosmetics in Arizona when he caught the attention of Shay Mitchell. Over the next three-and-a-half years, Ta’s social media following grew from 6,000 to 760,000, leading to other collaborations with Joan Smalls, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and Ariana Grande (it was Ta’s handiwork on the cover of Grande’s latest album, Sweetener.)

Now one of the most-trusted celebrity glam gurus in Hollywood, Ta has inked a contract with skincare giant La Mer, as well as fine-tuned his aesthetic of glowing skin and colorful eye looks. Here, CR caught up with the beauty expert about his skincare favorites, his take on the latest makeup trends, and his most unforgettable memory with Pat McGrath.

What’s your skincare routine?
„In the morning, I don’t like to put too much on my face but I always use a cleanser. I use the La Mer the Cleansing Foam, because you feel squeaky clean. I use the La Mer Treatment Lotion as well, which is a super watery moisturizer, and then a little bit of sunscreen. At night, I use the cleanser, the Treatment Lotion, and the La Mer Concentrate. I like to use it at night because I know my face is clean, I’m sleeping, and I’m not walking around with pollution or anything. If my skin is extra dry, I’ll use just another moisturizer. I don’t want to put a lot of things on my face because I feel like I have big pores and I get blackheads if I use a lot of things with oil in them.“

Five makeup products you’re loving right now?
„I love the Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter. Then, the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in shade 201. It’s a really beautiful, mauve flesh-toned nude. I also love the La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation and the Hula Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s the perfect bronzing, contour shade. I love 86 Trace Eyeshadow from Chanel.“

How would you describe your aesthetic?
„I think what I’m going for is super luminous, glowy, fresh-looking skin, and a bit more glamorous. It’s definitely not a no-makeup look. Whenever I use powder, I always add a lot of glow and tinted powders. I also love adding a bold lip somewhere.“

You’ve worked frequently with Gigi Hadid and Shay Mitchell. Do you have a favorite look of theirs you’ve done?
„I really love [Gigi’s look for] the Bazaar Icons party this year. She wore this black dress and it looked like a ballerina tutu. We had to make the look super clean, fresh, with a little bit of a wing, and super dewy. For Shay, for the People’s Choice Awards, I did a cranberry, mauve eye. It was to match her dress and sometimes when you do makeup, you’re excited about it, but you’re not that excited about it, but for this one, I loved how it looked in photos and in real life, as well.“

What’s your number one skincare advice?
„I would always say less is more. If you’re not used to using a lot of stuff on your face, don’t go out and buy a whole new skin regimen. Have a good face wash, a good makeup remover, and a light moisturizer depending on whether your skin is oily or dry. It’s always important to moisturize before makeup, because if you do wear foundation, it just lays on your skin really nicely. Moisturizers plumps up your skin so foundation doesn’t look like foundation.“

Favorite memory with Pat McGrath?
„She called me to do a collaboration with her when she was launching her own lipstick line. We were at a photoshoot with Shay and [McGrath] asked if she could come to set. And I said of course, You’re like my god. She flew into LA for an hour and a half into this farm where we were shooting and she came with 10 assistants. It was so major, so dramatic. And then the venue we were at, they wouldn’t let her in and kicked her out. I was freaking out because I was like my career is ruined. Pat waited for the photoshoot to end and it was so cool. By the time it ended, it was 10 p.m. and we were on the side of the road with no phone service. All of her assistants came over with their flashlights on. We were applying makeup in the back of a SUV in the middle of nowhere. It was such a cool experience.“

What’s one makeup trend you love?
„I really love these eye shapes that everyone’s doing. There’s just so many different eye shapes out there. I pride myself in always wanting to learn and I’ve been practicing eye shapes this year, extending them out more, and doing more round or almond shapes. Before, I would just to keep the same shape for everybody. I love Hung’s makeup and I learn so much from even looking at his Instagram page. It’s so high-fashion but also at the same time, it’s wearable. I aspire to do that.“

One you aren’t a fan of?
„Honestly, I don’t love when there’s too much going on, like if you’re doing both an eye or a lip. I always try to have one focal point rather than having every single thing be the focal point.“

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