CR Exclusive: Elle Fanning on the World of Miu Miu


Miu Miu takes the viewer to the moon and beyond in the short film for Twist, its new fragrance. In the campaign, Elle Fanning leads the journey to various studio sets based on wordplay of the “miu” sound–from the miun, to a miuvie set, to a miusic video. Like the core essence of the brand, it captures a mod spirit in a quirky, fresh way combining fashion, fragrance, and fun.

The perfume itself also reflects Miu Miu’s youthful vibe through sweet notes of apple blossom, pink amber, tonka bean, and cedarwood, held in a vintage-inspired bottle. Fanning tells CR that Twist is feminine with an edge. “The fragrance has these unexpected notes that are sweet, but not too sweet,” she says. “I would describe the fragrance as a social fragrance for going out and taking on the world in a way.”

In the film, Fanning takes on the world of Miu Miu wearing a series of looks by the brand, some designed specifically for the shoot. In the scene set on the moon, she emerges from a giant bottle of Twist outfitted in a metallic pink space suit-inspired ensemble, complete with a billowing cape. Another clip presents Fanning in a silver sequined party dress, leading an ensemble of alien-like “miu-tants” in a dance routine.

Fanning has become a sort of “miu-se” for the brand. The Galveston and upcoming Maleficent 2 star opened and closed the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2018 runway in Paris, modeling ‘60s-inspired outerwear on both treks down the catwalk. She was also featured in several video and image campaigns, including the Miu Miu More Holiday campaign from this past season, highlighting the collection of handbags, shoes, and other accessories.

For the Twist campaign, the main allure is what sets it apart from other fragrance ads. It’s a departure from traditional, sexually-charged fragrance ads. This outside-the-box concept for the campaign is what Fanning enjoyed the most about it. “This is like a true little movie that we did and it represents Miu Miu so well, because [Miuccia] Prada’s so imaginative and she goes against the grain,” she says. “It’s this quirky, off-beat, but also still beautiful, and new fragrance.”

Fanning’s last line in the video is “No one can resist my twist,” so when she spoke with CR, we wanted her take on several questions based on the wordplay in the short film:

If you were able to go to the moon, what would you bring with you and why?
“I would bring a Polaroid camera, because I don’t know if my cell phone would work up there to take photos. You have to document that you actually went. I’d like to bring my dog. I could put a little astronaut helmet on her, so that would be pretty cool. Yeah those two. And maybe Ryan Gosling could come, too.”

Do you have a favorite museum?
“The Tate Modern is really great in London. I love the Broad, here in LA. It’s really small, but good. LACMA, those are a few. LA has a good arts scene.”

Are there any movie tricks that you’ve learned throughout your career?
“The first one is a lot of green screen. It’s a lot of special effects. There’s tons of tricks of eye lines–like you’re looking at tennis ball and then they pretend that’s some giant dragon or whatever. You have to be very on your toes. [For Maleficent 2], you have to get scanned in every field costume so they can computerize you. They actually have a little avatar me at all times that they might drop in. It’s very interesting.”


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