Martha Hunt on the Skincare Item She Can’t Live Without

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is here and as catwalk veterans and model rookies alike gear up for the biggest lingerie event of the year, VS Angel Martha Hunt shares a few of her favorite memories and the one skincare item she can’t live without from backstage before the show.

„I love a serum,“ she tells CR. „I think that it’s important to wear serum under moisturizer. 111 Skin has a really great repair serum.“

Two months leading up to the big day, Hunt amps up her workouts in order to get her body show-ready. „I work out more often and I also eat cleaner, but still eat quite a bit because you want to keep up with the workouts,“ she says. „Take more vitamins and try to get a lot of rest and really take care of yourself.“

Training like an Angel is no easy feat and achieving a picture-perfect complexion can be even more daunting. To get Hunt up for the task, skin whisperer and A-list aesthetician of choice Mzia Shiman prepped her skin days before the event with LED light therapy and an oxygen infusion facial to boost radiance, reduce inflammation, lift cheekbones, and combat any redness and blemishes.

VS has always been a special show to Hunt: „It’s unlike any other fashion show because it brings such a diverse group of women together and we’re celebrating each other on the runway and cheering each other on,“ she says. „During other fashion shows, you do the show and leave and it’s not about you and showcasing your personality whereas this one is. It’s completely different.“

Although Hunt has worn a pair of extravagant wings ever since 2013 and officially crowned an Angel in 2015, it was closing out the show that same year that stands out to her as a one of her favorite VS memories. For the grand finale of the show, she donned a Swarovski corset embellished with over 20,000 crystals and 130 feet of LED lights.

„That was an amazing moment,“ she says. „I was walking to a song I loved and it’s a moment I’ll never forget. I think the adrenaline is pumping so much that all of these memories are engrained in all of us after these fashion shows.“

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