Chanel Launches Its First Men’s Makeup Line


Men’s beauty is going beyond its roots in drag culture to embrace natural looks for the mainstream, and it just hit a major milestone. Chanel has announced a new makeup line of everyday products for male consumers, revolutionizing founder Coco’s legacy of defying gender boundaries.

The collection will be part of Chanel’s Boy division (named after the founder’s lover Boy Capel), which already counts fragrance and handbags among its products. It dives into men’s beauty via three products: a tinted foundation, an eyebrow pencil, and a matte moisturizing lip balm. The first two will come in four shades each, providing a few options for different skin tones.

The new makeup line is especially historic for Chanel due to the brand’s history of catering to a female consumer. Karl Lagerfeld does have a few favorite male models who wear custom creations for the Grand Palais runway and photoshoots, but the French house’s shows and marketing have focused on womenswear. While Chanel has yet to even hint at a full-blown men’s fashion line, its latest beauty offerings break from iconic symbols of femininity like red lipstick and floral fragrance in favor of catering to a wider crowd.

Chanel’s intent with the capsule is to show that beauty is about style rather than gender, bringing Coco’s ideals to the 21st century. When the products hit the market this fall, first in South Korea and then worldwide, perhaps the brand’s growing We Love Coco community will, for the first time, feature male beauty influencers.

The Boy de Chanel makeup collection will first launch in South Korea on September 1. It becomes available worldwide online in November, then in boutiques in January 2019.


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